Know Your Forests – Know Dudhwa!

Know Your Forests – Know Dudhwa!

A Wildlife Trip to Dudhwa National Park

Under the ‘Know Your Forests’ Initiative of Wildpaw Adventures, running since 2012, an upcoming trip to Dudhwa National Park promises an experience of breath taking moments and the awesomeness of Nature. Dudhwa NP is a very beautiful park in the terai grasslands of Uttar Pradesh, a park to be visited at least once in a lifetime!

It is highly biodiverse and helps survival of many endangered sps of the flora and fauna. It was established for conserving the swamp deer but has done much more.Information and observation about the behaviour of the flora and fauna will only help us know how to help them for our survival.

Wildpaw Adventures strives to bring about the connect between the forest, the wildlife with the people, and an awareness of its beauty and importance of conservation.

For joining us in this endeavour, feel free to call on 0-9769651849 or send an email to

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