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Know Your Forests – Know Dudhwa!

Know Your Forests – Know Dudhwa!

A Wildlife Trip to Dudhwa National Park

Under the ‘Know Your Forests’ Initiative of Wildpaw Adventures, running since 2012, an upcoming trip to Dudhwa National Park promises an experience of breath taking moments and the awesomeness of Nature. Dudhwa NP is a very beautiful park in the terai grasslands of Uttar Pradesh, a park to be visited at least once in a lifetime!

It is highly biodiverse and helps survival of many endangered sps of the flora and fauna. It was established for conserving the swamp deer but has done much more.Information and observation about the behaviour of the flora and fauna will only help us know how to help them for our survival.

Wildpaw Adventures strives to bring about the connect between the forest, the wildlife with the people, and an awareness of its beauty and importance of conservation.

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Know Your Forests Initiative – Know Kanha!


Know Your Forests – Wildife Tour to Kanha National Park

Under the Know Your Forests Initiative started since 2012 by Wildpaw Adventures, wildlife tours to Kanha National Park has been scheduled through Jan 2019 to May 2019.

Batches comprise of 4 pax in a gypsy.

Kanha National Park is one of the most beautiful forest of Central India, a place that one wants to visit again and again. The flora and the fauna of the place has immense variation and the biodiversity is something that can be talked about and remains a good memory always.

Wildpaw Adventures strives to share information about the the different flora and fauna and the immensely rich biodiversity of India its importance and need for conservation in the current times!

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Know Your Forests Initiative – Know more about TATR!!

Know Your Forests Initiative – Visit to Tadoba – Andhari Tiger Reserve!

Know Your Forests – Wildlife Trip to Tadoba – Andhari Tiger Reserve – 2019

Under the Know Your Forests Initiative of Wildpaw Adventures, we have batches for Tadoba – Andhari Tiger Reserve scheduled throughout this season starting from Jan’19 uptill May ’19!

Why Tadoba – Anadhari Tiger Reserve?
One of the most popular forests, mainly coz of the tiger sightings that can happen at the park, coupled with it the presence of other fauna and the different flora.

We strive to share knowledge about the flora and fauna and the immensely rich biodiversity that we have and it has been our endeavour to create awareness about the importance of their conservation to help us survive.

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North-East in the Winters!

Know Your Forests Initiative
Under the ‘Know Your Forests’ Initiative of Wildpaw Adventures, join us to visit Kaziranga – Manas this winter for watching the one-horned rhinos in their habitats and superbb birding, not missing out on the beautiful landscapes that this region has to offer!

Tentative Itinerary :

No. of Days : 06
Day 1 : Guwahati to Kaziranga – N/stay.
Day 2 : Kaziranga – N/stay.
Day 3 : Back to Guwahati by evening – N/stay.
Day 4 : Guwahati to Manas – N/stay.
Day 5 : Manas stay. N/stay.
Day 6 : back to Guwahati and drop to the airport.

End of Tour

Who can join?

Anybody between the age of 6 to 60, who would love to be with nature and curious to learn more about it!

Why Wildpaw Adventures?

Alongwith the fun of watching the animals in the wild, the advantage of joining camps organised by Wildpaw Adventures is the presence of experienced nature experts who are passionate about sharing information about wildlife and the behaviour of the animals in the wild and why has it become utterly important to save our wildlife and conserve every bit of the greens and the wildlife that we have!

For details, feel free to call on +91-9769651849!


Know Your Forests Initiative – Kaziranga – Manas Wildlife Trip-Dec 2018!

Know Your Forests Initiative – 2018 – 2019!

Forests of India form major Biodiversity Hotspots of the world!

Come, know more about them with Wildpaw Adventures through the year 2018 -2019!!

The Calendar for 2018-2019 are –

  1. Tadoba – Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra
  2. Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan
  3. Jim Corbett National PArk, Uttarakhand
  4. Philibhit Tiger Reserve, Uttar Pradesh
  5. Bandhavgarh NP, Madhya Pradesh
  6. Kaziranga and Manas NPs, Assam
  7. Little Rann of Kutch, Gujarat
  8. Dudhwa NP
  9. Panna NP
  10. Sunderbans NP, West Bengal
  11. Pench NP
  12. Kanha NP
  13. Annamalai Tiger Reserve

For queries or registrations, feel free to call on +91-9769651849

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Amphibian n Herp Trail – Coorg!


Visit Coorg – the Scotland of India with Wildpaw Adventures!!

2 batches :-

August 2017
September 2017.

Time Duration : 3N / 4D

About Coorg :

Coorg is a favorite with nature lovers coz of the biodiversity that it shows!
It is located amidst the mountains of Karnataka and is known for its breathtakingly beautiful scenery and landscapaes.
It is an evergreen forest because of its weather which remains pleasant any time of the year.
This gives an apportunity to sight birds, endemic animals and exclusive flora!

A perfect getaway from the cities!!

For queries or registrations, feel free to call on 0-9769651849
Last date : 10th August 2017


Know Your Forests – Awesomeness Multiplied – Kaas


Under the ‘Know your Forests – Awesomeness Multiplied’ intitiative of Wildpaw Adventures, visit Kaas plateau this monsoon to know more about the exclusive flora and fauna of the region!

Batch – 9-10th Sept 2017

About Kaas Plateau :

– also known as the ‘Valley of Flowers; of Maharashtra

– situated about 25 kms from Satara at a height of 1200 mtrs

– Area is about 10 sq.kms

– was declared the UNESCO WORLD NATURAL HERITAGE SITE in 2012.

– is a biodiversity hotspot

– shows more than 850 different sps of seasonal wild flowers bloom during August to September

– Of these 624 are listed in the IUCN Red List including orchids, shrubs like Karvy and carnivorous plants like Drosera sps.

– shows endemic butterfly sps

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Last Date for registrations : 9th August 2017